How to Put Out An Oven Fire? Quick Solutions You Need

How to put out an oven fire

To extinguish an oven fire, turn off and unplug the oven, disconnect nearby electrical devices, and use a fire extinguisher, especially for oil, grease, or electrical fires. If a fire extinguisher is not available, consider using baking soda to smother the flames. While not recommended for grease fires, baking soda can be worth trying for … Read more

What Temperature Does Jet Fuel Burn?

Jet fuel can get hot when it burns – we’re talking about temperatures close to 3,000°F (1,661°C). Now, the exact temperature it reaches depends on the extra stuff added during production. For a type of jet fuel called Jet A, the burning temperature can go up to 2,000°C (3,727°F) inside the combustion chamber of a … Read more

How Hot Does Kerosene Burn? Find Out Now!

How hot does kerosene burn

Kerosene burns at the temperature between 362°F and 449°F (182°C and 239°C). It is also the burn temperature or the self-ignition point. Kerosene also has a flashpoint of about -45 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is the lowest temperature at which the kerosene will ignite when exposed to a flame. Its flashpoint is even lower than that … Read more

What Temperature Does Rubber Melt?

Rubber melts at around 365 degrees Fahrenheit. But it will burn at even higher temperatures. The melting point of rubber is lower than most materials which makes it quite compatible with use in different conditions. However, on average the rubber melting temperature depends on the type of rubber you are using. If it is elastomer … Read more

Fire Alarm Flashing But No Sound: Causes & Solutions

fire alarm flashing but no sound

The fire alarm is flashing and not making any sound due to technical issues in the alarm system. It can be that the battery is low or there is any internal malfunction. The reasons can also be related to dust accumulating over the sensor or the smoke detector not getting enough power to start.  Check … Read more

Is Burning Aluminum Foil Toxic?

is burning aluminum foil toxic

No, burning aluminum foil is not toxic. In fact, they do not have enough thermal mass to be deemed toxic. The foils are safe to use and you are not any risk of poisoning just from touching them. However, it is better not to burn aluminum foils as it can spread into the food you … Read more

4 Methods On How To Safely Burn Paper? [Find Out Now!]

There are 04 ways to burn the paper safely Burn the paper outside, in your yard preferably Use a fire pit  Make sure to dig the ground deep enough so that the fire does not spread Use burn cage Through applying these methods you can easily protect your surroundings and not let fire engulf anything. … Read more