Is Canola Oil Flammable? Read And Be Safe!

is canola oil flammable

From avoiding burning delicious food to avoiding fire hazards, knowing the flammability of the cooking ingredients is very important. And when it comes to oil, it’s really common to get concerned. So, is canola oil flammable? Yes, canola oil is flammable when heated beyond a certain temperature. It has a flash point of 619o Fahrenheit … Read more

Is Dry Shampoo Flammable: Read Before You Use!

is dry shampoo flammable

The dry shampoo trend is the new way to clean your hair. This method is convenient and effective as well. But, you also want to know what the negative side of this lesser-known product. That is why you may be wondering is dry shampoo flammable. Dry shampoo is indeed flammable due to the presence of … Read more

Is Turf Flammable? Answering The Burning Question!

is turf flammable

The look of your beautiful turf surely brings peace to your mind. But one question must be in the back of your head as a turf owner- Is turf flammable? No, turfs are not flammable but they can melt away if they came into contact with enough heat. They are made from synthetic materials such … Read more

Is E6000 Flammable? Discover The True Nature of E6000!

is e6000 flammable

You’re about to use E6000 for a project that will probably be exposed to extreme heat. So, the question that popped up is E6000 flammable? No, E6000 is not flammable. One of the main ingredients of E6000, which is tetrachloroethylene, is not flammable. From that, E6000 gets its non-flammability. Although there are other ingredients in … Read more

Gas Wall Heater Flame Too High: What To Do?

gas wall heater flame too high

When the gas wall heater is too high it can easily spread around the heater and cause fire hazards. For this reason, addressing this issue immediately should be your prior concern.  So, why is the gas wall heater flame too high? The gas wall heater flame is too high if the pilot adjustment is wrong … Read more

Hooligan Tool vs Halligan Tool: Clearing the Confusion

hooligan tool vs halligan tool

Every firefighter’s friend is a hooligan or a halligan tool. Both tools are life-saving tools in emergency situations.  However, one misconception that prevails with these tools is that many people think these are the same tool. Although, they have similar functionality the hooligan tool and the halligan tool is different from one another.  So what’s … Read more

The Battle of the Bends: Bronx Bend vs Boston Bend

bronx bend vs boston bend

When it comes to choosing a bend design for your firefighting helmet, there are many options to consider. Two popular choices are the Bronx Bend and the Boston Bend. They differ a lot in their appearance and hold different significance So, between Bronx Bend vs Boston Bend, which is the better bend? The Bronx bend … Read more

New York Hook Vs Pike Pole: Which One Is Better?

new york hook vs pike pole

Pike poles and new york hooks are essential firefighting tools. They can sometimes be used as an alternate option to each other as the build is quite similar.  That’s why it’s not necessary to own both a NY hook and a pike pole together. You can choose just one of them.  So, which one would … Read more

Cairns 880 vs 1044: Which is the best pick for you?

cairns 880 vs 1044

Cairns 880 and 1044 are two of the most popular firefighting helmets in the market. These helmets are aimed at providing firefighters with optimal protection and comfort while on duty. But Cairns 880 vs 1044 which is the best pick for you? Between Cairn 880 vs 1044, the latter might be the better choice for … Read more

Are Fire Alarms In Apartments Connected: Facts to Unfold

are fire alarms in apartments connected

Fire accidents are one of the scariest and most dangerous hazards ones might ever encounter. To reduce this risk, there is nothing better than a fire alarm. Fire alarm comes in different types like interconnected fire alarm or stand-alone fire alarm. But the widely asked question is Are Fire Alarms in Apartments Connected?  Fire alarms … Read more