EST3 Common Trouble Act: Troubleshooting Guideline

The EST3 is a powerful customizable fire control panel. It integrates fire alarms, smoke detectors, mass notification systems, and security at the same time. 

All the features in it are operated virtually through software. Although it’s an excellent fire alarm panel, people often find trouble operating it. 

So, what to do if you face any est3 common trouble act?

The common trouble acts in EST3 include disabling, enabling hardware components, changing passwords, restarting panels, etc. All the changes must be done from the Command Menu. After making changes you have to provide valid user access passwords to initiate them.

That’s the preview of the discussion today. Stay with us to find the solutions to the common trouble acts. Let’s begin!

EST3 Troubleshooting Guideline

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EST3 is a complex device that needs expert people to handle it. But small issues can be solved by the user as well if he has enough knowledge.

That’s why we have prepared an EST3 troubleshooting guideline for you. 

Disabling Hardware Components:

Deactivating or resetting a fire alarm component can be done from the device. For example, you can reset the emergency light from the light circuit panel. 

But you can also deactivate it from the main fire alarm panel as well. Because it’s a hardware component related to the fire alarm panel.

Deactivating a hardware component removes it from the system. A component’s implementing initiatives are not processed when it is disabled. 

For example, let’s say a faulty smoke detector has switched to an alarm state. It is repeatedly generating false alarms and so you’ve deactivated it from the fire control panel.

Due to it being deactivated, the fire control panel won’t switch to alarm mode. So, you won’t be bothered by the false alarms. This is why sometimes faulty components are manually disabled from the panel.

These components include input, and output devices, buttons, rail modules, detectors, LEDs, etc.


To deactivate any specific component first push the command menu button. After that choose the disable option. Here you’ll find the options for the component selection.

Choose the component you wish to disable, followed by choose the Card Disable option. For example, you’ve picked the Rail Module as the component. So, the card you’ll pick is also Rail Module or display module.

To initiate disabling, go to control and press the display module button. Now, choose the LED to disable. Go to control and choose “display module LED”.

Enter the logical address of the elected component. Once you prompt it to the panel you’d need to verify by providing a valid user access password. And the component will be disabled.

Changing User Password:

To make changes in the EST3 fire alarm control panel you would need access through the user-level password. The panel gives the user a default password which is fixed for all EST3 panels.

To prevent unauthorized access, you’ve to change the password. Also, do not use the same password in another access level. Set separate passwords for each level.

Note it down somewhere so you don’t forget.


The default password for each level is –

Access Level  Default Password
Level 1 1111
Level 2 2222
Level 3 3333
Level 4 4444

To change the password, press the command menu option. Now, go to the program and choose edit password. Select the level and enter a new 4-digit password. To confirm you’ve to enter a valid user access password.

Setting System Time & Date:

Configuring system time & date is necessary if you’re to keep track of any changes. Also, the time and date need to be set if you wish to schedule holidays on the EST3 panel.

The format for the time and date is set in 24 hours (HHMMSS) and MMDDYYYY.


Go to the command menu and then choose the program “change Time”. You’ll see the 24-hour format given there. Enter the time and prompt it using a valid user access password.

The process is similar for changing dates.

Scheduling Holidays:

The EST3 panel can activate a time-controlled event based on whether or not the day is a scheduled holiday. Each panel has a capacity of 255 holidays.


To set a holiday, go to the command menu and choose the program option. Choose the Edit Holiday List option followed by Add Holiday. Enter the date in the panel and prompt it on the screen. 

Give a valid user password to confirm the changes.

You can delete a holiday from the panel list. Follow this sequence, Command Menu>>program>>Edit Holiday List>>Select Delete Holiday. Enter the date and provide the user password to confirm.

The command sequence for changing holiday is,  Command Menu>>program>>Edit Holiday List>>Edit Holiday. The rest of the process is the same.

Restarting The Panel:

By restarting the panel commences the startup processes without first shutting it down. Here’s how to do it.


Push the Command Menu button and select Program followed by Restart. Now, the option for restarting a single panel or all panels will come forward.

To restart a single panel you’d have to provide the address of the targeted panel. It is a 2-digit number(PP). Give the user access password for completing the process.

For restarting all panels you don’t need to provide any panel address separately.

Changing Smoke Detector’s Sensitivity Level:

Smoke detectors got different types of sensors. It can be one or dual sensors like fsp-851 or fsp-951. But the sensitivity of the smoke detector is controlled by the fire alarm panel.

Smoke detectors got two levels of sensitivity. One is primary sensitivity and the other is alternate sensitivity. During regular business hours, the primary sensitivity level is implemented by the system. 

But when the premises are unoccupied, a time control reconfigures them to use their alternate sensitivity level. Menu commands can be used to physically switch between both sensitivity levels. 

You activate alternate sensitivity to switch to the alternate sensitivity level. You restore primary sensitivity to change the sensitivity level. Here’s how.


Push the Command Menu button and select Activate. You’ll see the Alt Sensitivity option. Select it and give access by providing the access password. 

For changing to the primary sensitivity level, you’ve to choose Restore once you hit the Command Menu button. You can choose the Primary Sensitivity option from there and confirm by giving a valid access password.

Fire panels are one of the most important components in the fire suppression system. Make sure to handle it with the utmost caution. Take professional help if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to change the event message routing of the EST3 panel?

Push the Command Menu button and choose the option Activate. From here choose the option Alt Message to choose alternative routes. Give the user access password to complete the changes. This will change the destination for any device that has changed its state.

How to bypass a security device in the EST3 panel?

To bypass a device, you must know its logical address. The logical addresses of devices can be obtained from the SDU Objects report. Once you get the address, follow the sequence Command Menu>Security>Device>Bypass. Enter the device’s logical address and give the user access password for completion.

How to enable a hardware component in the EST3 panel?

Press the Command Menu and select Enable. Now you’ll find the options for different components. Choose the component you wish to enable. Choose the same Card. Then enable the control module button. Do the same with LED. lastly, enter the logical address of the component.


That was all from us regarding the est3 common trouble act. Hopefully, the solutions would be useful to you. For further information, check out the user manual.

If you can’t figure out the cause of any issue, call in a professional. Stay happy, stay safe!