Gas Wall Heater Flame Too High: What To Do?

When the gas wall heater is too high it can easily spread around the heater and cause fire hazards. For this reason, addressing this issue immediately should be your prior concern. 

So, why is the gas wall heater flame too high?

The gas wall heater flame is too high if the pilot adjustment is wrong or the gas pressure is high. Also, faulty gas regulators and clogged burners can be responsible for this problem. To solve this issue, set the pilot to the right adjustment. Also, to regulate the gas pressure, install a regulator with the gas source. Furthermore, make sure the regulator is working and the burner is clean. 

To understand the reasons with their appropriate solution in detail, keep reading. 

Gas Wall Heater Flame Too High: Reasons And Fixes

There are several reasons that can cause the wall heater flame to have too high of a problem. And symptoms of all the problems are almost similar. So you have to troubleshoot all the reasons one by one until the problem is fixed. Here are the reasons.

wall mounted gas heater problems
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Reason 1: Wrong Pilot Adjustment

If the pilot adjustment of the heater is set to burn too high, you will notice the high-rising flame. 


You have to adjust the height of the pilot. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Locate the valve control of the wall heater. And locate the pilot adjustment screw on it. 
  • Rotate the pilot adjustment clockwise with a screwdriver. And keep checking the flame until it reaches the normal height.  

If the flame is still high even after adjusting the pilot, go to the next reason. 

Reason 2: High Gas Pressure

If your gas line has excessive pressure, the gas wall flame will be too high. In this case, only adjusting the pilot won’t work.


Install a pressure regulator where your wall heater is connected to the gas line. And then, adjust the regulator to get the desired gas pressure. If you already have a regulator, you can try adjusting it as well. Turn the regulating knob clockwise to cut back on gas pressure.

Reason 3: Faulty Gas Regulator

If your existing gas regulator is faulty, the flame can be too high. It will happen even if you adjust it in the proper position. 


If the wall heater flame doesn’t respond to the regulator at all, the regulator is faulty. In this case, you have to replace the regulator. The following video might help you with the process. 

It is important to fix a gas regulator as soon as possible, even if your stove gas regulator. Because cooking oil like canola oil is flammable and can cause fire hazards. 

Reason 4: Clogged Burner

If your burner is clogged, it can not optimize the air-fuel ratio. As a result, the flame can be too high or too low. The color of the flame will also change to yellow or orange. 

The fire color matters because it indicates if the air-fuel ratio is correct and how hot the fire is. For example, blue fire is hotter than the red fire. 


Here is the process of cleaning the wall heater burner. 

  1. First, turn off the wall heater power and remove all the power connections coming to it. 
  2. Remove the outer grill of the heater. While you are at it, clean the grill as well with a brush and water. And let it dry completely. Don’t use any kind of soap or chemicals. 
  3. Locate the burner. It can be placed differently depending on the heater model. Sometimes, it is covered by a metal casing or burner box. 
  4. Now, gently remove the burner from its housing. To avoid assembly confusion, you can take a picture of how the burner is placed before removing it. 
  5. Rub the burner with a metal brush to remove the dirt and debris from it. To remove the carbon deposit from the inside of the burner, blow compressed air through it. 
  6. Don’t forget to clean the rod behind the last burner. Use a metal brush or steel wool to clean it thoroughly. 
  7. Finally, assemble everything back and start the heater to see if the problem is gone. Remember, that you must not use any kind of adhesive like e6000 while reassembling the wall heater part. Adhesives like e6000 are extremely flammable

That’s how you solve the gas wall heater flame too high problem.

gas wall heater flame too high problem
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Causes Yellow Flame On Gas Wall Heater?

An improper gas-to-air ratio or combustion causes a yellow flame on the gas wall heater. When the wall heater combustion porches don’t receive proper gas or air, this issue occurs. It can happen due to clogged air pipes, excess gas pressure, ventilation problems, and faulty gas valves. 

How High Should A Wall Heater Thermostat Be?

The wall heater thermostats can be as high as 60 inches above the ground. And for optimum results, it should be anywhere between 52 to 60 inches. Above or below this range will cause an uncomfortable environment and will decrease fuel efficiency. 

Are Wall-Mounted Electric Heaters Safe?

Yes, wall-mounted electric heaters are safe. In fact, they are safer than the usual portable heaters as they are mounted in a fixed area. There is less risk of tripping over and burning yourself from the wall-mounted heater. However, if any of its components are malfunctioning, it can be unsafe if not addressed immediately. 


Here goes all the discussion on gas wall heater flame too high. It is really appreciable that you have addressed the situation before any accident occurs. This situation should never go overlooked. 

Now it’s time to take prompt action for you and your family’s safety. It’s my time to say goodbye. Thanks for reading and have a great day!