First Alert Smoke Alarm 3 Beeps Then Stops – Explained

According to the first alert official website, there are 2 possible reasons for this incident. 

  • It indicates the fire caught at your residence
  • Battery life is almost its end

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Key Takeaways

  • Significance of Three Beeps:When a smoke alarm emits three beeps and stops. Then it signifies a potential fire outbreak or a nearly drained battery.
  • Actionable Responses: Emergency chirping signals smoke detection; evacuate, gather at meeting point, call 9-1-1, wait for safety to re-enter.
  • Battery and Maintenance: Replace batteries every 6 months and change alarms after 10 years to keep smoke alarms effective and ensure home safety. Understand how to silence alarms when needed to maintain their functionality.
  • Methods to Silence False Alerts: To silence false beeping in smoke detectors. You can press the front button, remove the batteries, or use wire clips or circuit breakers for hard-wired alarms. These actions help maintain a peaceful and functional home environment.

Why Does The Smoke Alarm Beeps 3 times and then Stops?

When the smoke alarm beeps 3 times and stops. It indicates that either your home caught fire or the alarm’s battery is almost dead.

You should quickly leave your home and gather at the planned meeting spot following your family’s emergency evacuation plan.

Dial 9-1-1 upon reaching safety outside and remain outside until the situation is under control.

Low Battery or End-of-Life: The duration the smoke alarm battery lasts varies based on the kind of alarm you possess. Smoke detectors with batteries or wired connections also have a battery backup option. Then it is advisable to change the batteries every six months, or at least twice a year. 

Smoke alarms with ten-year sealed batteries don’t require battery changes. However, they need to be tested regularly. For safety purposes, swap out smoke alarms every ten years from their manufacturing, irrespective of the type. Regular replacement ensures effectiveness.

Sometimes for power cycle, the green light of the fire alarm blinks. This is a very normal issue. So don’t worry about this.

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Solutions to Stop the False Beeping of Smoke Alarms

There are several methods to stop the false beeping of smoke alarms. Methods are given below:

Silencing a Beeping Smoke Detector:

You can stop the beeping sound by pressing the front-mounted button. This button might carry labels like Reset, Test, or Silence.

To stop the noise, keep the button pressed for a continuous five-second period. If the beeping stops, you’re temporarily okay. But you should clean the smoke detector to prevent it from happening again. 

In cases where pressing the reset button fails to halt the noise. Then you’ll need to switch off the detector’s power.

Silencing a Battery-operated Smoke Detector:

Turn the smoke detector in a leftward direction to disconnect it from the ceiling. In instances where no wires are connected, the sensor functions wirelessly and solely on battery power. 

To silence the detector, take out the battery. The battery in the sensor can be found under a pull-out tab, located either at the front or back.

Silencing a Hard-wired Smoke Detector:

If the smoke detector has wires linked to its back. It signifies the presence of a smoke alarm wired into your electrical system. It uses your home’s electrical system and has a battery backup for power outages. 

The wires will exhibit white and black color, occasionally joined by a third red wire.  These wires connect to your house’s electrical system and can pose risks if touched directly. 

Exercise caution, and only interact with the clip that secures the wires to the detector. A fastener links the wires to the rear of the smoke detector. 

Compress the two tabs together to detach the clip from the smoke detector. After separating the clip, uncover the battery compartment and eliminate the batteries from within.

In hard-wired smoke detectors, batteries are hidden behind a pull-out tab, either at the back or along the side. 

Silencing Multiple Smoke Detectors:

In case your smoke detectors are linked, they will produce simultaneous alerts. In such situations, you’ll need to disconnect and deactivate all of them.

For convenience, proceed to your electrical circuit breaker board and locate a breaker designated as a smoke detector. Hopefully, the electrician has clearly marked all the breakers. 

Also when the green light of the smoke detector has gone. In that case, you should inspect the circuit breaker to address the issue. Because this might be a big problem for the fire safety of your residence.

By shutting off the circuit breaker, you can avoid the need to disconnect wires from each smoke detector. Your job will simply be taking out the batteries from each unit. Sometimes, the fire alarm produces a “whoop whoop” sound. For precautions, you should be aware of every signal of a fire alarm. This practice can save and so many from unexpected fire accidents.

If you intend to change your present smoke alarm. To ensure the safety of your house. Here are some updated fire safety products for your house.

Silencing Multiple Smoke Detectors
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Product Name  Features
  • Photoelectric sensor (smoke)
  • Slim design
  • 10-year battery
  • Electrochemical sensor (carbon monoxide)
  • Dual threat detection
  • AC plug setup
  • Backup battery
  • Loud alarm
  • Gas detection
  • Digital display

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Frequently Should I Renew My Smoke Detector?

It’s advisable to renew your smoke alarm once every decade. In case you identify any signs of damage, including damaged housing or wiring that’s come loose, replace the alarm as soon as possible.

What’s the appropriate number of smoke alarms for my home?

It’s advised to have a smoke alarm on every floor of your residence, encompassing the basement and the attic. If your home is spacious, you should consider installing multiple alarms across different sections.

Why is My Smoke Alarm Beeping Continuously?

When a smoke alarm emits a continuous beep, it typically signifies its detection of smoke or a fire. Exit the building immediately and contact the fire department without delay.


In conclusion, the repeated three-beep pattern of a smoke alarm serves as a crucial warning. Also, indicating either the presence of a fire or a nearly depleted battery. If your first alert smoke alarm beeps three times and then stops, follow these instructions closely to rectify the problem.