Is Dry Shampoo Flammable: Read Before You Use!

The dry shampoo trend is the new way to clean your hair. This method is convenient and effective as well. But, you also want to know what the negative side of this lesser-known product.

That is why you may be wondering is dry shampoo flammable.

Dry shampoo is indeed flammable due to the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as Alcohol, Butane, Isobutene, or Propane in many formulations. These highly flammable substances can be ignited by heat or sparks. Also, certain dry shampoos may contain denatured alcohol, which is also flammable. So, you must follow some basic guidelines before using it.

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Is Dry Shampoo Flammable 

Yes, dry shampoo is inflammable. The inclusion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as Alcohol, Butane, Isobutene, or Propane in most formations. Heat or sparks can ignite these highly flammable substances. Again, certain dry shampoos may contain denatured alcohol which is flammable.

Now, let’s have a brief look at the popular dry shampoo products available in the market. 

Is Monat Dry Shampoo Flammable?

Monat dry shampoo contains highly flammable materials such as Tetrafluoropene, which is highly flammable. However, Monat claims that Tetrafluoropene is an inflammable aerosol. 

While a global panel of experts acting on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labour Organization (ILO) has classified Tetrafluoropene as flammable. 

Also, Monat’s global website mentions the presence of organic sugar cane alcohol in some of their dry shampoo. The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) has classified sugar cane alcohol as flammable.

Is Monat Dry Shampoo Flammable

Is Amika Dry Shampoo Flammable

Yes, Amika dry shampoo is extremely flammable. It is flammable due to the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as butane, isobutane, propane, or alcohol. It is clearly stated on the product label that this is an extremely flammable aerosol and should be kept away from heat, sparks, open flames, and hot surfaces.

Is Dove Dry Shampoo Flammable?

Yes, Dove Refresh & Care Volume Fullness Dry Shampoo is flammable since it contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as isobutane, propane, and denatured alcohol. 

The presence of these flammable ingredients in the formulation increases the potential for the dry shampoo to ignite when exposed to heat, sparks, or open flames. Also, the aerosol cans of dry shampoo contain flammable gases

Is Batiste Dry Shampoo Flammable?

Batiste Dry Shampoo is indeed flammable. The product label explicitly warns users that it is an extremely flammable aerosol. Batiste Dry Shampoo contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including butane, isobutane, and propane, which are flammable. 

Again, dry shampoo cans contain flammable gases inside, which can ignite when heated or ignited. Spraying it on an open flame or any other source of ignition is not recommended. Also, it should be kept away from heat sources and open flames. This is also applicable to any flammable object like turf

Is Dry Shampoo Safe for Regular Use?

The dry shampoo serves as an effective alternative to wet shampoo as it refreshes and volumizes hair without requiring any water. It is generally considered safe for the majority of people to use dry shampoo occasionally.

Usually, Dry shampoo is not intended to cleanse your hair like traditional hair washing. It should not be used as a substitute for regular hair-washing routines. It’s an instant solution.

However, excessive or prolonged use of dry shampoo can potentially damage your hair and contribute to scalp issues.  The experts have suggested that use not more than 2 days a week. On the contrary, canola oil is not technically flammable and also beneficial for your hair.

What are the Consequences of Using Using Dry Shampoo Regularly?

Dry shampoo is generally considered safe for use, but it is crucial to employ proper usage and exercise moderation to prevent any potential adverse effects.

use dry shampoo regularly

Here are some important points to remember if you need to use dry shampoo regularly. 

Scalp Irritation And Allergic Reactions:

The ingredients in dry shampoos, including fragrances and chemicals, can irritate some people’s scalps and allergic reactions. It is recommended to discontinue using dry shampoo if you experience itching, redness, or other signs of irritation after using it.

Scalp Buildup: 

Excessive and frequent use of dry shampoo can cause a buildup on the scalp and hair. There is a possibility that this buildup can cause irritation, block pores, and, in some cases, contribute to hair loss. To avoid these problems, use dry shampoo in moderation and follow the recommended guidelines on the product label.

Inhalation Risk: 

There is a high risk of inhaling while using dry shampoo. Inhaling large amounts of certain dry shampoos will result in coughing and difficulty breathing.  

It is important to hold the can of dry shampoo spray at a distance from your face and avoid spraying it directly into your mouth or face.

Dry shampoo should be used in a well-ventilated area to reduce the risk of inhalation. Inhalation hazards can be minimized by promoting proper air circulation.

Does Dry Shampoo Cause Cancer? 

Yes, dry shampoo can cause Cancer. Mineral talc is commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products such as dry shampoo. Inconclusive evidence has been found between talc use and ovarian cancer in several studies

Then, dry shampoos often contain butane as a propellant, which has also raised concerns. As a hydrocarbon, butane is suspected to cause cancer. However, the evidence remains inconclusive in this regard.

Also, according to recent studies, Benzene chemical has been found in some dry shampoos. This particular ingredient is known to be a carcinogen and associated with certain blood cancers like leukemia

Popular brands such as Batiste, Sun Bum, John Paul Mitchell Systems, and Not Your Mother’s have been found to contain high levels of benzene. However, there are still dry shampoo options that do not contain benzene, and some have been found to be safe.

Factors You Need to Consider for Safely Using Dry Shampoo

You will be able to use dry shampoo without any problems by simply following some basic guidelines. You must know how to use dry shampoo safely. For safe dry shampoo use, here are some tips:

  • Always apply dry shampoo on dry hair. When used on wet hair, the product may not be effectively absorbed and could potentially lead to clumping. 
  • You should apply dry shampoo to your roots or to the areas that need the most attention. To prevent irritation, do not spray it too close to your scalp.
  • After applying the dry shampoo, gently massage it into your hair and scalp with your fingers. By using this technique, the product will be distributed evenly and the scalp will be circulated more effectively.
  • After applying and messaging the dry shampoo, ensure to brush your hair thoroughly to eliminate any excess product residue. 
  • Remember to use a small quantity of dry shampoo exclusively. Follow the product label instruction and don’t exceed that amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is dry shampoo allowed in checked luggage?

Yes, according to the rules set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you are permitted to pack dry shampoo in your checked baggage. Dry shampoo is permitted even though flammable aerosols are generally prohibited.

Is dry shampoo considered a liquid?

Most dry shampoos are classified as liquids. The spray and mousse formulas are considered liquid formulations, while the powder options are available in powder form. So, pick whichever is convenient and affordable for you.

Is hair conditioner flammable?

No, Hair conditioners, in general, do not have a flash point. They are non-flammable and do not present any fire hazards. Because they do not have any ingredients that can induce a fire. So, you can safely use them without worrying too much.


I hope you find out the exact answer to your question is dry shampoo flammable or not? You should remain concerned while using dry shampoo since it contains flammable substances. 

Nevertheless, not all dry shampoos are flammable and the level of safety may vary depending on the ingredients utilized. To ensure safe usage, carefully read the label and adhere to the instructions provided when using dry shampoo.