Is Turf Flammable? Answering The Burning Question!

The look of your beautiful turf surely brings peace to your mind. But one question must be in the back of your head as a turf owner-

Is turf flammable?

No, turfs are not flammable but they can melt away if they came into contact with enough heat. They are made from synthetic materials such as nylons, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Because of this, they will not catch or spread fire. Additionally, during the manufacturing process, fire-resistant coatings and additives are added to further enhance their fire resistibility.

In this article, we will talk more about the flammability of turfs. Also, if there is any way to protect them from fire.

What Makes Turf Fire Resistant??

As we have just told you, no turf or artificial grass that you use is not flammable. That means it will not catch on fire. Instead, it will simply melt. 

Most of the turfs you will find in the market has fire-resistant properties. They are made from synthetic fibers and polymers. Synthetic materials, such as nylons, polyethylene, and polypropylene is resistant to fire.

Now, these materials are already fire-resistant on their own. But, fire resistance is a priority when making artificial grass. That’s why special additives, treatments, and coatings are applied to further enhance its fire resistance.  

Because of these special treatments, the turf will tolerate heat to a certain point.  In the event of a fire, they will melt instead of catching fire and spreading it. 

Also, you need to make sure that there is another flammable object on your turf. For example, dry shampoos that are flammable catch on fire on your turf can cause more damage than normal.

is artificial grass flammable
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What Temperature Does Turf Burn? 

On average, turfs have a melting point of 175-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Turfs will not actually burn, but instead, they will melt when in contact with flames or heat. So, if the turf comes across a heated object that crosses the threshold, it will melt.  

This is why you need to be careful with any hot objects around your turf. Keep your turf away from things like hedge trimmers, cigarettes, fireworks, fire pits, etc. Also, there could be other objects that may cause a fire. For example, canola oil is flammable. Keep your turf away from these objects.

But, can you barbecue on your artificial grass?

Yes, of course, you can. But to make sure that your turf does not melt away, you need to place a fireproof object. Like, bricks or a slab between the turf and the bbq grill. Do not place your bbq directly over your turf as it can melt your turf.

Does Turf Burn In The Sun? 

Technically, no, turfs do not burn or melt from direct sunlight. But it can melt from reflected sunlight. Sunlight alone can not cross the melting point of the turf. But if sunlight is reflected by a glass onto the turf, it can generate enough heat to melt it.

Usually, glasses have a slight curve that amplifies the heat, like a magnifying glass. So if you want to protect your turf from sudden melting during the summertime, that’s not hard. You just need to keep any shiny objects and glasses in check. So, in summary, the intensity of reflected sunlight is harmful to your turf.

Does Turf Burn In The Sun
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How To Check If Your Windows Can Melt Your Turf? 

If your windows have “Low-E” glasses, they can melt your turf by reflecting sunlight onto your turf. Low-E glasses with triple silver coatings can do the most damage to your turf. 

To know if you have Low-R glasses or not, look at your window from outside at an angle. If you can see colors such as green or purple, it’s bad news for your turf.

If you cannot determine that by yourself no worries! You can have an expert take a look at the glasses for you.

Low-R glasses
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How To Prevent Turf From Melting? 

It’s a great thing that turf does not catch on fire. But still, you don’t want your precious turf to melt, right? So, here are some tips on how you can prevent your turf from melting-

  1. You can use fill your turf with in-fill sands. This will enhance the fire resistance of your turf. Also, it will prevent them from melting if there are any fire hazards.
  2. You can use turf window shield films. These films will protect your turf from reflecting lights. 
  3. You can also use solar screens on your windows to prevent them from reflecting light onto your turf.
  4. Keep any sources of potential fire hazards away from your turf. For example, do not smoke, light fireworks, etc.

Always remember, prevention is better than a solution. By following these tips you can prevent your turf from melting away. 

Also, you need to have a good fire alarm set in your home for the worst cases. FSP 851 or FSP 951 are two of the most popular fire alarms that you can try out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does turf cause more heat? 

Yes, turf fields cause more heat compared to natural grass fields. Turfs absorb and retain heat from the sun because they are made of synthetic materials. These materials have lower heat dissipation properties compared to natural grass.

Is turf easier to maintain? 

Yes, turf is generally easier to maintain compared to natural grass lawns. It requires less watering, mowing, and fertilizing. It also eliminates the need for weeding and dealing with pests commonly found in natural lawns. However, turf still requires some basic maintenance to keep it in good condition.

What can damage turf? 

Spilled oils and greases can damage turf as they can break down the plastics present in the turf. Any kind of oil can damage your turf including motor oil, grease, cooking oil, or suntan oil.


So, is turf flammable?  No, but it can still melt when in contact with enough heat. That’s why you need to exercise caution when hanging out in your backyard.

Also, make sure to properly maintain your turf. Because there are other things besides heat that can damage your precious turf.